Clarion Alley Art Project, San Francisco

The Clarion Alley Art project is a non-city sanctioned outdoor art gallery which has been community curated for several years.  It is located between Mission St. and Valencia St. near 17th and 18th st. in the Mission District of San Francisco.  Stumbling down it one afternoon, it quickly became a standout gallery of this style; easily holding ground with similar locations in Los Angeles and New York.  There is a discernible feel of a city that has roots in many styles of rock music as well as psychedelia and many converging cultures.  For a city that wears it’s heart on it’s sleeve, this gallery is the pulse of San Francisco, reflecting current and certainly future trends in street style.

The fact that the gallery is actually at alley allows it to be free to the public, which includes a few homeless beggars and possible drug abusers; assumedly they are part of the exhibit.  The art itself moves away from the self proclaiming “bombing” style of wild lettering and crew posting; these artists are muralists more that graffers, signatures are always inconspicuous, if not omitted all together.  There is an integrity to the creativity here; nothing is for sale, there is no admission; and the competition for space is fierce.  Any artist without a deep bank of street-cred is pushed out; literally being painted over by the week’s end.  The ephemeral; (yes, I am using ephemeral to describe graffiti) lives of these pieces simply means they must be more impacting than their canvas counterparts. The artists featured here work for the respect of their contemporaries; they dump paint like hearts pump blood; spray cans exhaling like lungs.  If they stop; it’s over for them.

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Artist Statement

This is a place between time and space.
A garden where bright flowers grow.
Where wild animals leap and slither.
A retreat from the jungles
Smiling, dangerous, dark, and deep.
Welcome to my garden.
It is a collection of many pieces I’ve collected on my last psychological safari.
Not much of the zoological type,  but nature will have it’s way.
My lens is skewed, my glass is tempered.
By pressure, heat, distress, the whipping of the sands of time,
this kaleidoscopic carousel of telescoping correspondences.
My travelogue.

Progress is the Process of Perfection.  As we step one foot closer toward the infinite, hone one pull sharper, climb one rung higher; never to reach the end, the edge, the top.  My art is about the search, the journey, the exploration.  In this plane or the next, there is a need for converging lines of perfection to find expression.

I will strive to both accurately reproduce my perceptions and to be honest to the expressions of my subjects.  I work in translations- eventually it will be transportations. One ticket, clear out of the atmosphere. However, for now, I remain simply as a consumer and producer, not a true creator.  I translate what I perceive- analyze and interpret, innovate and design. You are Alice, maybe I am the Caterpillar.

It is meant to emmulate the stimulations of some physical reveberations. AKA- this will be a synesthetic stethoscope.  A palette of vibrations heisted, gifted, persuaded, traded; these make up my mediums.  A pricey set of experience to say the least; but would you paint the world too cheaply?Disclaimer:  This was not created under the influence of any mind-altering substances; excepting light, sound, and snapping synapses.